Article writing

Article writing is a full-fledged study carried out on a specific topic, which highlights the relevance of the elaborated issues and sets out the intermediate or final results of their scientific or analytical work.

The article should definitely contain the latest developments of the author’s character, relevant conclusions and recommendations, as well as the degree of study, and who dealt with this problem. One of the main conditions is that the presented results should not be published anywhere, since the article must have the effect of scientific novelty. The article is the most time-consuming.

For admission to the protection of master’s theses with the assignment of a degree, a prerequisite is to write a scientific article on a particular and chosen topic of dissertation research and its publication in a journal or in a collection. At the same time, publication in an authoritative journal is prestigious and enhances your status in the eyes of classmates and the entire teaching staff.

And also in most universities, for the admission to protection and obtaining the highest mark on the diploma and graduation paper, you must have a completed portfolio, which lists all the creative and scientific papers made by the student during the entire academic period. And so it is often necessary to write a scientific article for getting high points for further publication in a collection, or to participate in various conferences and seminars.

For scientific articles and research papers, the mandatory elements in addition to the main part are the abstract, keywords and references, the sources of which should be no older than 5 years. And, as a rule, the volume of one scientific article is not less than 3 pages, made both individually and by the authors. Highly qualified and gifted specialists of article writing jobs for students write articles in various disciplines: management / finance / law / marketing / audit / accounting / pedagogy / psychology; economic theory / banking / speech therapy / sociology / political science / linguistics / economic security and many others.

Publication of a scientific article

Before you start writing a scientific article you need to decide exactly where it will be published. After you have decided on the place of publication, it may be an electronic publishing house, a scientific journal or a library of your educational institution; you should be familiar with the requirements for publication. They should be in every publisher.

Be sure to specify which date the update / new release is coming out of and whether it coincides with the date you need to publish. In that case, if you have any difficulties in order to determine the publication, then it makes sense to consult with your supervisor.